The Everyday Hat


Hat: Amazon | Shorts: Target | Shirt: Forever21 | Sunglasses: Ray-Ban

It was 100 degrees today and we don’t have AC in my house, so Jon and I decided it'd be the best time to deep clean and organize our room. Needless to say the heat got to me and I was a total nightmare for about 3 hours haha. Thank god for this outfit keeping me cool this afternoon when Jon took my hangry butt to get some delicious ice cream! This shirt is perfect! The white color reflects the sun keeping you from overheating and the material is airy so it doesn’t cling to your sweaty body. But my favorite part? This amazing hat which is on sale today on Amazon for $13!! I didn’t feel like styling my hair because any attempt at styling would result in an even more dramatic Simba impersonation, so I just plopped the hat on my squash and called it a day.