Philly Half Marathon Outfit

Screen Shot 2014-11-15 at 6.36.29 PM

Where is this half-marathon talk coming from? Oh, yeah… I’m running a half marathon next week.

Sometime in early September I discovered that I was easily running 5 miles. Pounding the hot, dirty Philly streets in 90 degree weather and the Cape May nature trails on the weekends, loving every minute of the sunshine, warm-weather filled treks. During one of my usual runs I had this burst of motivation and decided to push myself to commit to training for a half-marathon.

The motivation came from the fact that I was running 4 or 5 miles with ease! You see, last spring I picked up running again because I realized I was starting to lose my endurance. As someone who was pretty active, even through college when many people give up sports or working out, I was used to being able to just go for a 2 mile run, no problem, without preparing for it. However, last April I found myself struggling to get through a mile. A mile! That freaked me out. So in August or early September when I ran my first 5 miles, chatting with a friend throughout the run and then going home barely sore, I realized I should really keep pushing myself.

Now I’m a week away from my first half with one more long run left. Eleven miles. It will be my first double digit run and that’s a little intimidating but I’ve already run 9 miles, twice. Once you get past 6 or so it is really about ‘knowing you can.’ Mind over matter. At this point I know I can run a half and I will.

And the best part- picking out my race day outfit! Stopped into Athleta today and was floored with their selection of edgy but practical running gear. I would have loved to buy my whole race day outfit but I stopped myself before my bank account whimpered. I did get those ‘reverse mullet’ leggings, as my friend calls them (party in the front, biz in the back). A flashy pair of tights are a race day essential. #funtights

I am on the fence about how many layers I should wear. It’s going to be chilly but hopefully not bitter cold. Any tips?


Hurdle Wrap Neck Pullover

Fast Track Space Dye Tank 

Homestretch Run Tight

Colorblock Racerback Sports Bra

Asics GEL- Fit Nova Women’s Training Shoe 

Nike Run Cold-Weather Reversible Headband

Nike Element Thermal Gloves




Trend: Bucket Bags

Bucket Bags
Fall seems like the most appropriate time to invest in a new handbag. Not exactly sure why but I rarely buy a ‘summer bag’ but I have plenty of fall and winter bags.  More than my closet can handle! Maybe it has something do with the hype of the September Issues or that fall fashion is the most anticipated collection for most designers. Either way, the It Bag of Fall 2014 is by far the Bucket Bag.
I tend to gravitate towards the more modern, clean designs of the BAGGU & Kelsi Dagger above. But I also really like some of the animal print, leather details and weaving I’ve seen in other brands like Nasty Gal, Vans & the amazing Frye Heather bag (seen below).
Very tempted to buy a BAGGU… what do you think?
Xo D
Frye Bucket Bag
Frye Heather Bucket Bag – 

Endless summer, au naturel

Sunset in NJ Summer
orange flower in cape may point
Cape May Point State ParkSunset Over the BayEndless summer, au naturel
I love August. The days have a warm, golden glow to them and then sunsets are always bright orange. The ocean here in Southern NJ warms up and becomes a lighter blue-green color. All the plants are lush and flowers are in full bloom. Long, sticky days seem to drift on forever but before you know it, it’s September and the days are shorter and cooler. An all white look only seems fitting amidst such vibrant surroundings.  So long, Summer.
xo D

Deep Ocean Blue


blue water ocean

green blue water ocean

turq blue ocean

dark blue ocean

top level water

surface ocean

under water


dive right in


It was a long week. Just looking at these images of the deep ocean blue are soothing my mind. Luckily, tomorrow I can see a big beautiful body of water in person. The ocean reminds me that there are larger things in life than you, than I or even the entire world’s problems combined and there is no way to control any of it. Let it go, let it go.

xo D





Trend: Mules

As summer starts fading away I struggle to transition right into heavy boots and shoes. Early fall is still warm enough for a peep toe and the ’70s meets ’90s feel of an open-toe mule is right on trend for September.

I recently purchased the Jeffery Campbell “Druid” and I’m dreaming of wearing them with longer dresses, jeans and soon… sweaters. 

Early Fall Shoes: Mules


Trends: Summer 2014 Swimwear

The countdown to summer is on! A little under a month until Memorial Day Weekend and if you are anything like me, you’ve been prepping your bathing suit wardrobe since the first day of spring. What trends can you expect to see near the shore this summer? I’ve noticed a few distinct styles while browsing my favorite brands’ collections. Some I am totally ready to rock…others, no so much. Read on to get my take on Summer 2014’s swim styles. Which look(s) are you ready to try out at the beach, pool or lounging at a BBQ?



Mesh Swimsuit


Mesh One-piece Swimsuit from Motel (nastygal)

In one-pieces and bikinis, mesh seems to be taking over the swim scene. If you aren’t so comfortable with showing skin a one piece with mesh inserts may be just for you. I personally love the mesh insert crop top bikinis I’ve seen, but for the sake of tan lines I’m not sure I want to mess with mesh.

Retro Waistlines

Tori Praver Swimwear Resort 2014

(Tori Praver Swim)

The high rise bottom. This trend started as a pinup style suit and is now evolving into more of a 60s, 70s influenced look. I love this Tori Praver suit with the crochet on the side. This style only looks flattering if the bottom is a bit cheeky (see next post) because otherwise the high rise bottom looks like a diaper. Great option for covering up a bit.

Cheeky Bottoms

Acacia Swimwear 2014

(Acacia Swimwear)

Anyone who has been to a surf town knows this is the true beach girl’s pick for a suit. Those who practically live on the beach must be more comfortable with letting it all hang out. Yet I’m seeing more of this trend start to emerge into mainstream swimwear (cough, Victoria Secret cough). My motto is if you got it, flaunt it and you are only young once.

Festival-Ready Swim

Mara Hoffman Swimwear

Mara Hoffman bikini (freepeople’s blog)

Boho, ‘native,’ ‘aztec,’ and geo prints are all the rage since Coachella photos blanketed the fashion blogs. Mara Hoffman-esque prints are cropping up all over swim this season but let’s not forget Mara started this trend! Bring on these groovy prints, I’m ready for a summer of love.


Beach Riot Red Bikini

(Beach Riot)

With all the Baywatch looking swimwear I’ve seen this spring I am surprised the show isn’t getting a remake. This suit reminds me of something Kelly from Saved by The Bell would wear. Not my cup of tea but if you want to react some Pam Anderson running scenes or feel like Donna & Kelly from 90210 this is your trend. Look for high-cut one pieces, crop tops, and neon colors.

Which trend are you ready to try?


Drinking from Napa to Petaluma to San Fran

Day 2 of my Bay Area Trip: Colleen and I woke up early for a hike through the South Bay hills and then instead of kicking back at the pool we booked it up to Napa Valley to catch the tail-end of the Menage a Trois Food Truck & Wine Festival.

I got interested in wine while at college in the Finger Lakes region of NY. The catering company I worked for in Ithaca served a red mix called Menage a Trois…which was always fun to serve to older men at Cornell faculty functions: “Sir, would you like to try the Menage a Trois?” Smirks, all around. Yeaaaaah awkward. Anyway, the wine was popular– not just for the name– it’s easy to drink but doesn’t have that bland juice taste like most red mixes.

Visiting the winery made my trip list because with a name like THAT you KNOW the winery has to be pretty laid-back. I’m not a wine snob by any means, I’m a twenty-something wine drinker..aka a step above Franzia.

It took a while to get up to Napa but Menage a Trois is one of the first wineries on the strip, on the left side (the side of the road heading out of Napa, which means by afternoon there were plenty of drunks hitting up their last stop in the Valley). Col and I got our tastings, I gave their Chardonnay a whirl, and headed out to the lawn which was full of people lounging around in the soft afternoon sunshine with picnics, listening to the live band. Some people were dancing, swerving around and laughing, obviously they had been enjoying Menage a Trois all day. The vineyards surrounded the lawn creating a private space to admire the landscape and appreciate the process of wine creation– vine to glass.

Menage a Trois vineyards


Acacia playing at the winery. Click photo to go to their Facebook page and hear some of their music!

After a few more tastings– I got to enjoy Colleen’s since she graciously offered to be designated driver– things started to wind down at the winery. Napa closes early! Between 4-6pm. Since the easiest way to get back ‘home’ was to head towards the coast and towards San Francisco we decided we would include a stop in Petaluma to visit the Lagunitas Brewery. So off we went through the dry brush farmland towards the massive green hills that surround Napa Valley.

View of farmland in Napa ValleyOn Petaluma’s western side are the massive hills that block the Pacific Ocean from the Sonoma (and Napa) Valley and to the south is San Pablo Bay. This landscape creates a cool, foggy atmosphere in what looked to me as a very sleepy town. I’m guessing Petaluma has seen a surge of interest due to the growing craft brew industry — which was evident once we got to the totally packed brew pub. Not an empty seat in sight. Colleen and I stalked down a couple that looked ready to leave and ordered just before Lagunitas’ last call (also very early! 8pm, on a Saturday). I tried a flight of some of their strongest beer. Hey! I had already tried all the lightweight stuff that gets distributed out to the East Coast.

Flight of beer tasters at Lagunitas

1240344_10100299622106829_1133205490_nThings got a little fuzzy towards the end of our time at Lagunitas but Colleen decided she would take my giggling, tipsy self down into San Fran…since it was on the way home. The fog was rolling in and the temperature had dropped 20 degrees since we started the morning hiking in Cupertino. We headed straight into the fog. Arriving in San Francisco the first things I noticed was that it was surprisingly quiet for a Saturday night and that it smelled of marijuana everywhere (we were only driving through the city and I could STILL smell it!). We parked in an industrial looking district in front of a warehouse with a bouncer out outfront.

The gigantic warehouse was actually a brewery, restaurant and bar– Southern Pacific Brewing. SORRY for anyone who was hoping for a story about raging warehouse rave.

I love a place that you don’t have to stand around for a seat and since Southern Pacific Brewing place was gigantic there was plenty of seating, even though it was also bumping with drinkers and diners. It’s the kind of place that serves mac n cheese with pork belly, steaming hot cups of chili, coconut fried chicken wings, chocolate bread pudding…yummy, delicious, gourmet bar food. We ordered our last round of beers (of many, for me) , settled on a pesto-tomato pizza and people watched. A perfect ending to an action packed day in Northern California.

What to wear when drinking from Napa to Petaluma to San Fran:

Napa Valley OutfitDress- Free People Hat- Rag and Bone Bracelet- House of Harlow  Necklace- House of Harlow Ring- House of Harlow

It gets cold once the sun drops and as you get closer to the coast so also bring:

Urban Outfitters Cardigan

Sweater- Urban Outfitters

Next up: I Could Totally Live in Santa Cruz