Collagen: Does it actually work?

Hi Babes!

So if you’re a social media queen (like me) you’ve probably been seeing Collagen EVERYWHERE. Fitness Gurus are all about it, brands are selling it and promoting it, but what the heck is it? And does it actually work?

Let’s start off by taking the sexy out of Collagen, because my dad ruined it for me so now I feel it is my duty to ruin it for you so we’re all on the same page…Collagen Peptides is a dietary supplement made from cow skin fat. You read that right. Let’s all take a moment to avoid throwing up. *insert deep calming breath here*

Okay, now that the sexy has been taken out of it and we all know exactly what we’re consuming. It’s actually really good for you. It’s meant to help your hair, skin, nails and joints. Collagen is the main structural protein found in our skin and other connective tissues and over time, it breaks down. Consuming a scoop of collagen peptides in an 8 oz glass of water is really beneficial. After a weeks time, you’ll begin to notice elasticity returning to your skin, it won’t look as dull or feel as dry. Your nails and hair will start to grow more rapidly and will actually become visibly stronger, shinier and your hair will look thicker and fuller. If you work out fairly consistently, you’ll begin to notice that your joints don’t ache nearly as much as they used to.

It’s important to note that just consuming a scoop in an 8oz glass won’t do anything. You will need to consistently drink the recommended amount of water your body needs daily. It’s all about the water people.

I drink the one pictured, but don’t let it fool you — it has an after taste of sulfur. I actually have to pinch my nose closed to get it down. I figure I can live with that once a day because the benefits definitely are worth it.