Apps You Need Now

Today lets take a look at 5 stellar Apps to get you back on track for the new year. The iPhone is arguably the most versatile tool of the millennium. Music, Camera, social media, OH! and it calls people too, nifty huh? So lets jump into my list of top five apps that are sure make you more productive in 2018. 

ICalendar- Are you looking for a Calendar application to organize your life? ICalendar fits the bill. Let’s face it, a calendar is only really effective if it’s easy to use, if it takes more than just a couple of seconds to schedule something you’re not gonna use it. With an intuitive interface and quick scheduling, ICalendar allows you to effectively manage your life on the go. One of the coolest features of ICalendar is the ability to sync calendars with another person. Allowing you to share your schedule with multiple people. The app is roughly $2.99 on the Apple Store and I highly recommend it.

Waze- If you're looking for a GPS app look no further than Waze. Waze GPS allows users to constantly update the map and align the application to predict real time traffic updates, as well as accident and accurate police location. If I could only have one GPS on my phone it would definitely be Waze. On top of all the new features, Waze also stores your most visited areas allowing you to spend less time distracted on the road. The Waze app is free for android and iOS and is among the top five applications on anybody’s list.

Files- The next application on my list is files. This is a native application that allows you to share files between all of your iOS devices as well as categorize and create file storage in anyway you like. This app is great for getting a handle on things like receipts, family photos, and important documents that you might otherwise leave at home. This app is free, and with the expandable iCloud solutions offered through apple, it ranks number three on our list of apps you just have to download.

1 Password- We’ve all done it, sit down to log into our bank account, social media account, or any other website that we use on a regular basis and forgot our password.  1 Password application does just that, with one single password you can keep all of your passwords safe and secure on your iPhone allowing you to view them at any time. You can categorize your passwords and even store information that is important to them such as answers to security questions and default emails. If you’re somebody who is heavily online and uses a bunch of websites that require login,  1 Password is sure to save you frustration. Out of all the to do list applications in the Apple store stands out above the rest. With customizable themes and easy task creation, this application shines for those who consider multitasking a necessity. With location-based reminders in full access to iOS notifications, this application allows you to create tasks, track them on the calendar, and provide you with an update every morning about what you need to do and how best to tackle  them. 

lifestyleKait Kingman