The 3 Best True Crime YouTube Channels - By Women

Hi Babes!

One of my favorite things to do is listen to true crime videos or podcasts throughout my day. A lot of my day-to-day activities are very graphic design focused, which means I can easily listen to a case. Below are some of my favorite channels to listen too — all run by women.

  1. Danelle Hallan Many of her cases revolve around missing persons or murders that were not heavily publicized. Her goal is to get these stories out to her followers and to the YouTube community to hopefully generate buzz around a case and inspire people who may know something to come forward.

  2. Kendall Rae I really love her because she works closely with Thorne, a non-profit organization created by Ashtun Kutcher and Demi Moore to help find and rescue children sold into sex trafficking. She covers missing persons cases, conspiracy theories and legends/myths.

  3. Bella Fiori Like those listed before, Bella covers mysteries and missing persons cases. She has a good blend of well known cases and cases that haven’t gotten a lot of coverage.