Desert Twilight Bathroom Inspo


To the right are some colors I chose that reminded me of the above landscape, but also allowed me to put my own twist on it and brighten it up a little bit. So the one thing with our studio is we have a beautiful balcony looking out over the woods, but that’s it. There are no other windows in our apartment. So while I LOVE earthy tones, I also wanted to brighten it up a little by incorporating a brighter yellow and orange-y tone. The pops of color will be on the bath/hand towels and the bathmat which I’m hoping to get in a blue of some sort.

Hi Loves!

This is the first of several “vision boards” that I am sharing for our new home. For those of you who haven’t heard or are new to my blog, my boyfriend, Jon, and I have got our first little home together. It’s a 451 SF studio apartment and we’re so excited to transform it into our little oasis.

For those of you who did know we were moving into our own space, I’ve gotten A LOT of questions on what we plan on doing, so I wanted to take tonight’s update to share my little design and inspiration for our bathroom.

We have a full sized bathroom - sink, shower/bath and toilet. And I am obsessed with this photo here on the left. This was a photo from last summer atop Jon’s former employers home and I just love the colors so much that I needed to find a way to incorporate it into our home.

I’m also planning on incorporating some plants, and some grey in the form of stoneware.

I will be sharing our “vision boards” as we continue to plan! And once we move in I will be linking all of our items here as well.