Fitness Starter Pack - 8 Items You Need to get Started at the Gym

Top: Nike | Yoga Pants: Calia | Sneakers: Adidas

One of the most essential parts of my workout, is what is on my feet. These Adidas Cloudfoam sneakers really make a difference in how sore and tired my feet and legs feel. The cloudfoam absorbs the impact when you’re walking or running. I also live in this Nike mesh top, it’s so loose fitting and the dry-wic mesh absorbs sweat so I don’t feel overly gross after a workout. Size 1/2 size down in the sneakers and go up a size in the mesh top.

Sports Bra: Nike | Sneakers: Nike | Water Bottle: YETI

I take my YETI EVERY. WHERE. To work, to the gym, to sit on my nightstand. To me, this is a must have for the gym or for general wellness and hydration — it keeps your water cold for long periods of time and it holds a bit more than the average Aquafina water bottle.

General List of Fitness Must-Haves to Get Started:

  • 1 water bottle - I love my YETI it’s 26 fl oz.

  • 3-5 pairs of yoga pants. I wear Calia (linked here, they’re so stretchy and flattering). But I also love NIKE. Always high waisted just because it gives me more confidence.

  • 2 pairs of shorts - more if you live in a hotter climate. But I have about 2-3 good pairs of spandex shorts and I love them

  • 3-5 sports bras - I really like the NIKE and Adidas brands.

  • 3-5 shirts - Honestly, I usually wear just a sports bra when I workout, but on those days where I’m feeling more bloated or not great, I wear some baggy shirts.

  • 1 sweatshirt or jacket - it rains, it gets cold to walk from your car to the gym, you’re going to want something.

  • Sneakers

  • Gloves - I don’t use these, but if you’re big into weight lifting, it may be smart to get some. I have a lot of calluses on my hands, so if that matters, I’d grab a pair.