Dear Diary: 5 Budget Friendly Dates

Hello Loves!

Jon and I are on a tight budget these days, we might be making some big life changes but we haven’t made any final decisions - potential update pending — so when we want to do something, that tight little budget gets to make the final decisions.

So here are 5 really fun budget friendly dates that allow you to be present with each other:

  1. Picnic - Grab your cooler, some beach chairs or a blanket, leave your tech in the car and go hangout at your favorite spot!

  2. Hiking - There are so many amazing trails across the US and for any of my New England babes, we’re blessed with so many beautiful trails right here! Jon and I love going up to New Hampshire and visiting the polar caves.

  3. Dueling Pianos - This is something Jon and I started going to last year and we had an incredible time! For less than $40 / person you can have a champagne date night on a bud light budget.

  4. Local Festivals or Fairs - ‘Tis the season for getting together! Entry tickets are often super low cost or even free with the cost really surrounding food and drink. My recommendation is to eat at home and then head to the festival and spend time playing games together or enjoying those sketchy fan favorite rides.

  5. “Sunday Drives” - This is something Jon and I do literally every single weekend, usually Sundays, and what we’ve done since we first started dating. We will buy or make a cup of coffee to take with us and we’ll go for a drive around town and talk about our future plans and goals. It helps us remain present in our lives and our relationship.