How I Transformed My Hair in 1 Month

My hair was so badly damaged after I recently bleached it (back in the beginning of April) — like damaged to the point it was breaking with a simple run through of my hand, dry and frizzy. Needless to say there were some tears and obsessive “Jon does it look like I’m going bald?!” questions.

If you’re going through this, you know how upsetting and stressful it can be. But I recently discovered a handful of products and styling techniques that drastically improved my hair in one week. It’s now growing insanely quick, super soft, not frizzy and I’m so happy.

  1. SugarBear Hair vitamins — They contain biotin, folic acid and vitamin C and I take 2 every morning before I leave for work. They’re so tasty too — blue raspberry ugh my favorite.

  2. Biotin Shampoo - It’s got biotin, tea tree oil, jojoba oil, and several other essential oils that your hair follicles need to thrive. I got it super cheap on Amazon, <$25

  3. Nexxus Conditioner - I switch between the caviar blend and the protein blend. Both smell similar and really nice and have helped make my hair incredibly soft, shiny and so much less frizzy. You can find this brand at Target.

  4. I dyed my hair brown again - After a month of caring for my damaged hair, I went to Target and picked up a light brown shade of the Nature’s Instinct hair color and I dyed my hair back to light brown to help conceal the split ends and frizz. I like Natures Instinct because it has avocado oil and essential oils making it less damaging.

  5. I bought a silk pillow case - I noticed a HUGE change in my hair after a few days of sleeping on a silk pillow case. It was less knotted and frizzy and broken in the back (I tend to sleep on my back so the back of my head is flat on the pillow). I bought a perfect match for our bed set off of Amazon for less than $30

  6. I stopped applying heat and changed my washing schedule:
    Sunday: I don’t wash my hair at all on Sundays. I don’t apply any heat products. I’ll usually spray some dry shampoo at the roots and throw it in a top knot and call it a day.
    Monday-Thursday: I wash my hair in the AM before work, apply some protein lotion or REDKEN anti-snap, blow try and I typically twist the sides and leave the rest a wave mess haha.
    Friday-Saturday: Jon and I typically go out Friday and Saturday nights, so I typically will wash my hair in the AM, blow dry and style on the lowest heat setting possible. I also apply some vitamin E oil just for an added defense.

  7. I get trims every 6 weeks - I had some terrible layers in my hair 2 months ago and split ends that were falling out the second I shook my head. So I started going to my salon for dry cuts which is when the stylist will trim my hair without washing it. We’ve been trimming it to just above my shoulders and my layers have grown so quick and within 2 weeks my hair is already past my collar bone again.

If you’ve got damaged hair, you can absolutely fix it. But you need to be willing to stop all your bad habits and be willing to do what’s necessary to fix it. I didn’t want to cut my hair super short, but I also didn’t want it to fall out, now a few months later I’m loving my hair transformation and caring for it has become second nature.