I Got Dermal Fillers pt 2

Hi Babes!

I’m a day early, but this weekend is really hectic for me so I wanted to make sure I got my blog out for you guys. I’ve gotten a lot of questions on my dermal fillers and I did promise an update on my chin, soooo let’s get started.

My chin healed PERFECTLY. The swelling went away after about 48-hours, just like Amy said it would. I did have some bruising but it was minimal and super easy to conceal with makeup. It was also on the under side of my chin so it really wasn’t noticeable even without makeup. My favorite part is that it looks totally natural, it doesn’t look over-done or huge or like it was never meant to be there. I am beyond happy with the results of it.

Today I went and got a small dimple in my chin filled — it happens, my chin had dimples and Amy and I anticipated having to go back and fill it. No big deal. But I also got my jawline done. Amy put some dollops on my jawbone to make it stick out and then filled upward near my ear to create a defined line from the jawbone to my ear. And then she created a line going outward from my chin to make it a little more smooth looking. So tonight I am a little sore and I anticipate having some minor bruising tomorrow, nothing some makeup can’t fix.

All in all I am so happy with my results. I feel so much more confident and attractive. I 100% recommend Amy for any botox or filler desires/needs, shes absolutely incredible and I love her personality. She has made the entire process so relaxing and exciting.