I Got Dermal Fillers pt 1

Hi Lovelies!

I wanted to take today to talk about something taboo — Dermal fillers!

So before some of you start critiquing my life choices I just want to say that it was my choice and that if you don’t want to do it, then don’t. But for those that are curious about it, please continue reading (:

Ever since I was little, I HATED my jawline and chin — I never really had a chiseled jawline or a prominent chin. And for most of my life I could get over the annoying jokes people made. But when I started modeling, it really made me feel awful. I’d look at pictures and cry over how terrible my face looked, or feel so unattractive that I’d turn jobs down for fear of being rejected. I finally decided to do some research into different fillers and the cost and the reviews of those who did them.

So Saturday, after a consult with amazing local woman and super hero, Amy Donaldson, I took the plunge. We did several injections in my chin, which gave my face a more attractive shape. 24 hours later, most of the swelling (which is 100% normal) has disappeared, and I feel so much more confident in my face.

Amy used a filler that is made of the acids that our bodies naturally produce. So in 18 months, when it disintegrates, my body will just absorb it and move on. No harm done. And at that point, I will go back and get it touched up.

As for pain, Amy applied a topical cream to numb the area and the first couple of injections were a pinch but instantly numbed. It hurt WAY less than an ear piercing.

If anyone is ever considering fillers, please do your research. There are so many botched stories out there and it is SO important to know the facts and to research the legitimacy of the person doing the injections. I am so happy I found Amy because she was so wonderful about answering my millions of questions and concerns and helping me navigate the anxiety of this decision. Aside from her personality, I love how conservative she is with the product. She didn’t tell me I needed this or that, she listened to exactly what my concerns were and actually moved me away from my initial thoughts to a much more conservative solution. I walked out with a natural looking change and I couldn’t feel more beautiful.

I know I will get criticism from people for this decision and for discussing it, but I want women (and men) to know that there are tons of people who do this and I want you guys to do it in as safe and healthy a way as possible.

I will do an update on this next weekend when the swelling and the minor bruising I have completely goes away.