Winter Wardrobe Blues

black silk joggers

There comes a point in the winter where I feel like I’m constantly washing the same jeans, over and over again. Last winter I picked up a pair of black (faux) silk joggers from Urban Outfitters and have found myself reaching for these pants every few weeks to change it up. A basic pair of black joggers in a luxe-looking fabric can be just as versatile as your trusty blues.

Elevate your weekend look whether you are avoiding or facing the winter weather. For a cozy day indoors, throw on some Toms slip-ons, a fuzzy beanie and a graphic sweatshirt. Heading out for a day on the town– add heeled ankle boots, a thick turtleneck sweater and top off the look with a bold wide-brimmed hat.

How do you beat the winter wardrobe blues?

Outfit details
Silk Joggers-
In: Netflix All Day- Need More Weekends Sweatshirt-, Black Fuzzy Beanie-, Toms
Out: Lunch & Shopping– Rag and Bone Hat-, Suede Ankle Boots-, Grey Turtleneck- AmericanEagle


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