Bay Area Trip: Roses & Hiking in South Bay

One of my closest friends got an amazing opportunity with a company in the Bay Area of Northern California and as soon as she had her dates set, I booked my plane tickets to visit her for an extended Labor Day weekend trip. When I lived in Los Angeles for a few months I did a very quick trip to San Francisco and Mountain View for a music festival. Sitting under the stars at the Mountain View Ampitheatre on a crisp early fall evening I knew that I had to make a trip back to the are to explore for more than 48 hours.

Colleen went way beyond my expectations as a host. I arrived with an extensive list of things I wanted to see and do– all across the Bay Area from Napa to Santa Cruz– and Colleen made sure I checked everything off my list. Thank you, Colleen!

The first day I was on my own, kind of. Colleen had to work but her friend from work also had a visitor so we met up in the morning to go see something I had discovered on Yelp, the San Jose Municipal Rose Garden and got lunch at a family-run grocery store and deli nearby- Zanotto’s.

Pink and orange rose

Later that after I got to kickback in some Cali sun while I waited for Colleen to get back from work. Then she took me to the best Mexican restaurant I’ve ever been to. Seriously– if you are ever in the Silicon Valley area, check out Vive Sol.

The next day we woke up bright and early for a hike in Cupertino. After getting lost GETTING to the trail we finally found the path hidden among mansions and was warned by nice large signs that there may be rattlesnakes and mountain lions. Oh, yeah…we were actually heading into the wild! We studied the sign with the guy correctly standing up to a mountain lion and then went on our way hoping we didn’t really see a feline. The East Coasters that we are, we were not used to the heat, dry air and the “easy” trail but we made it to through and got to see some awesome views of the South Bay region. Oh yeah, and we saw a baby rattler. Thank goodness Momma wasn’t nearby!

vibrant plants in south bay, ca Hiking in Cupertino, CA View of South Bay, CA

Next up: Drinking from Napa to Petaluma to San Fran


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