My Fall DIY List

Last month I moved into a new apartment (rental) and while I love the location and size, there is a lot to fix up. It’s a slow process, like super slow. My roommate and I just got our couch yesterday! AHH! Luckily furniture-wise we are almost complete but as far as decorating…it’s going to be a while. Pinterest has so many ideas for creating home décor on a budget. I’ve picked out a few projects I would like to tackle and I’m giving myself until January 1st. Here I go:

  1. Graphic Cities Print

Saw this print on Joss and Main and I think I could recreate it with some canvas, paint and stencils. However instead of Paris locations I want to use South of France locales since that is my bedroom décor.

2. Table Runner

I need to paint my coffee table first but then I want to make this table runner from Beautiful Mess to add some layers to my living room.

3. Vintage Plate Wall Hanging

I’ve gone to enough antique stores to know that in the realm of dish collecting, one-off vintage plates are like the pennies you keep sorting through in your coin stash while you desperately want enough quarters to feed the washer at the laundromat. No dish collector wants one ‘cool’ plate they want the whole set—gravy bowl, butter dish and all. So, for someone in search of cheap interesting art- one-off vintage plates are a gold mine of decorating creativity.

4. Roman Shades

I hate mini blinds. HATE them. I can stand them if they are hidden behind some drapes but otherwise…gag. This DIY is daunting and I’m not sure I can tackle it because the instructions involve lots of math. However, I’m holding myself to it. I have a shade in my kitchen that I greatly dislike and that will be my first blind victim.

5. Seashell Candles

These are pretty but look slightly hazardous. I don’t want to set my building on fire with a toppling DIY seashell candle so I’m going to search craft stores for some sort of glass container to hold each shell.  Besides the fire safety issue this beachy girl is ALL about this DIY.

That’s my fall list. Readers please bug me to follow through with these DIYs? 


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