Have you seen J. Crew’s younger sister?


My newest store obsession is Madewell. There is one here in Boston on Newbury Street. From time to time I’ll pop in to check out their clothes and oogle at all their denim. Their items are perfect for a laid-back, creative work environment like my office but also trendy enough to dress up to wear out. Lots of colors, prints and fun textures. Unfortunately, I can’t usually afford many of their items. The brand may look like J. Crew’s younger sister but it’s still the same price-point of older sis.

But last Saturday I walked in to the Newbury location determined to find one pair of awesome jeans, no matter the price…it was my birthday! Ok Mom, don’t’ worry. There was a massive sale! Happy Birthday to me!

I ended up getting two very cute pairs of denim in exactly what I was looking for and they cost less than one pair of jeans. I believe the jeans were on-sale at this location because they are ankle length. This type of length fit my legs perfectly but probably leave many Boston gals’ ankles freezing on these chilly October days. Pssh…you can also just hide the ankle length in boots and bring them back out in the spring with flats.

Of course I wanted so many other things in the store but I restrained and ran over to Forever 21. Which, totally lives up to their target customer because I am sadly no longer 21 by a few years and I still love to buy cheap, trendy Forever 21 clothing. What are your favorite stores?

Some other things I love from Madewell.



3 thoughts on “Have you seen J. Crew’s younger sister?

  1. Love this post. You’re too cute. Great tip about hiding the ankle length in a boot. I love clothing that gives you the most bang for your buck.

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