I celebrated my 24th birthday over the weekend and feel so grateful to have so many caring people in my life!

My birthday is always more of a new year for me than January 1st. Each year as my birthday approaches I take some time to think about the past few months. I assess my achievements and the letdowns then make resolutions for the next year. Reflect and move onward. In my 24th year I want to:

  1. Take 60-90 minutes a week, at least, to do yoga and meditate.

    Maybe I’ll be able to do this by the time I’m 25!

    2. Appreciate what I have and give back to those who are not as fortunate.

    3. Make time each week to do something creative. I miss drawing and painting, must work that back into my life.


Those are just a few of the resolutions I have thought of over the past week. Does anyone else take a reflective approach to their birthday?

And, now some inspiration to start off your week. Here’s to another year!


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