5 Totally Rad Nail Art Creations

I am not sure when the nail art craze was dusted off from the ’90s shelf but it’s bacccckk and it doesn’t seem to be dying down anytime soon. Personally I am a fan,  but a fan that is helpless at creating such intriguing designs on my tiny fingernails. Apparently you need tools like toothpicks or bobby pins, possibly even small brushes to create some of these little masterpieces. Anyway, if you think you can tackle some artwork on your fingers then why don’t you create one of the following creations because they are all totally rad.

1. Shark Week Nails

I’ve seen a few shark week inspired nails but these great white shark nails by Nails x Infinity are my favorite and I like to think that I may even be able to create them.

2. Monarch Butterfly Nails

Monarch butterflies are pretty damn cool because these tiny creatures somehow migrate thousands of miles to warmer climates. I know people who rarely leave their house! Who wouldn’t want monarch butterflies on their nails?! I saw this photo on O’Neill Girl’s DIY blog and liked the ombre base coat but if you want a step-by-step video CutePolish has created an excellent one.

3. Newspaper Nails

Read a story that really resonated with you? Carry it with you! Another interesting twist would be using a newspaper in a language with a different alphabet like Russian. Speaking of different languages, the instructions for this creation were in french but after some searching I also found a video by CutePolish.

4. Confetti Nails

That’s one idea for confetti nails and here’s another-

My friend, Idan, at StyleRevival painted these for me! So you can either go with the carefully placed confetti or the wild and crazy confetti. I don’t think I’ve ever seen carefully placed confetti so I’m going to stick with the last one. The instructions are super easy (but kind of time consuming if you want each dot to stand out).

1. Paint a base coat.

2. Using a toothpick or bobby pin place dots all over nail, leaving space to layer with a few other colors (I chose 5 or 6).

3. Once you have covered your nails with dots apply a clear coat.

Don’t forget to let the nails dry a little between each step!
5. Ring of Saturn Nails

I the arching strip of glittery gold on these nails. The black and gray are classy but this would also look wild with hot pink at the bottom and white at the tips. For instructions check out OH SO PRETTY the DIARIES.


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