Wanderlust: Food for thought in Barcelona

Sorry for the hiatus! I’ve returned to blogging after weeks of enjoying a fun and beautiful summer in Boston. Since I’ve been a bad blogger and haven’t documented ANY of my past few weeks, this is a post about a travel trip I took over two years ago to BARCELONA.

After my college graduation I went on a two week bus trip to Europe—Spain, Italy, France and Monaco. It was an amazing experience and it is definitely difficult to pick my favorite stop on the tour because each location has such distinct qualities. However, if I could return to one of the places I would pick Barcelona. The city was so full of life and vivid with color—I love colorful landscapes. The funky Gaudi architecture, laid back people and stretches of sandy beach made this locale a perfect place for a beachy girl like me. I was only in Barcelona for two days which was nowhere near enough time to get the full experience of the city. Upon arrival to each city on our trip my friend and I would decide if the city was going to be an ‘educational city’ or a ‘fun city’ to focus in on certain neighborhoods or places to visit.  Rome—educational city, Nice—fun city. We deemed Barcelona a ‘fun city’ as soon as we stepped off the bus which meant we would focus on the lifestyle and city life rather than tour museums. After a day of wandering streets to the beach, a night at a nightclub (which was also right on the beach), the next morning we were in search of re-hydrating, fresh food. Luckily we stumbled upon a huge market full of any food your stomach could desire.


There were also row after row of fresh fish but those weren’t  as pretty as the colorful fruit, vegetables and candies. My friend and I each enjoyed some fresh juices, tropical fruit and sandwiches.

The reason why I love traveling is because it opens my mind to other cultures and one of my take-aways from Barcelona was the emphasis on eating fresh. While I have seen fresh markets like the one in Barcelona in other places in Europe, I had never seen one so expansive. Seeing this giant market stuffed with lush vegetables and fruits, slimy fish plucked straight from the ocean, and loaves of puffy breads it was difficult to understand why the United States has these giant superstores filled with processed, preserved, canned, frozen food chock-full of chemicals. Time to time when I’m grocery shopping at my local superstores I imagine someone in Barcelona popping into the giant market in the middle of the city to pick up a loaf of bread, some vegetables and fish for dinner. If only the states had markets like those in Europe, not just weekly farmers markets but every day markets full of fresh local food.

Where do you grocery shop? I’m lucky to live near a few food stores (all major supermarkets though) and try to eat as fresh as possible which can be difficult on a young professional’s budget. However, I wonder if Americans were given the choice, would they shop at a fresh market over stocking up on frozen food. Convenience over quality? Would you rather stock up at a huge superstore like Costco, shop once a week at a smaller grocery store or if you could, shop daily at a fresh food market?


2 thoughts on “Wanderlust: Food for thought in Barcelona

  1. Nice pictures from La Boquería market!

    La Boquería is Barcelona’s most famous market. It is a great mixture of aromas, people, aromas… even tapas. Here, the typical smells from Mediterranean Sea meet with exotic products you won’t find anywhere else in BCN.

    For those who have grown in Barcelona, basically La Boquería is a memory of our childhood. It remains us the soul of the city before the ’92 Olympic Games because it´s almost as we knew it. Also it´s a special place like the Sagrada Familia, La Pedrera, Plaza Real and other urban spots.

    I hope you enjoyed your trip to Barcelona… but after two years maybe it´s time to comeback, hehehe.

    See you soon in Barcelona!

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