Weekend Update: Being a homebody

Some weekends you just want to lay low. My house has been in a bit of turmoil lately…don’t even get me started…so I decided I would take it easy this weekend and check some things off my house/life to-do list.

I’ve been trying to decorate my (sunless) deck for weeks. First the weather wasn’t cooperating, then my bank account wasn’t  and finally, just in time for the first official day of summer this coming week, it’s looking better! Seriously, I wish I hadn’t deleted the before photos. It was a wreck! Leaves, dirt, branches, no furniture! I really want more plants but I am moving at the end of August and I’m not sure I’ll have room for as many at my new place.

Besides decorating my deck, I  created a yummy and super healthy Roasted Vegetables Pesto Pasta Salad. It’s pretty easy to make and I’ll post the full recipe online later this week.

Over the weekend I also bought some snazzy new running sneakers. My knees and hips are already thanking me.

Saturday evening I watched Jeff Who Lives At Home and For Lovers Only. I can’t say I would recommend either film and I also want to know who these people are that review movies on iTunes (because they are very unreliable). Jeff Who Lives At Home was slllloooowwww. I had an evening of nothingness and I still couldn’t get into the movie. Only if you are a die-hard Jason Segal fan will you appreciate this movie. For Lovers Only was slightly better. It was visually captivating but the story lacked substance. If you want to get lost in French landscapes (in black and white) then this is the movie for you. There are some bittersweet scenes but for the most part it’s a somewhat depressing movie.

Sunday evening I finally left the house to catch another Paint Nite with some girlfriends! Keep your eyes out for more photos from my friend, Sarah, of BlondeBostonian.

2nd attempt at a landscape

Overall the weekend was what weekends are made for- catching up on life and not working at all! How did you spend your weekend?


2 thoughts on “Weekend Update: Being a homebody

  1. Love the deck, Devon! I want to do similar things at Bernie’s place. It needs plants, but is also pretty sunless, so it looks like flowers will have to be at a minimum! Had a great time painting!

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