Weekend Adventures: Blue Hill

I know that when someone says “Sunday Funday” they usually imply a boozy brunch followed by further boozing until it’s time to watch their Sunday TV, pass out in bed and wake up pissed off that it’s Monday. I however, as much as I love a boozy brunch, have been trying to go out and about each Sunday now that the weather is sunny(ish) and warm(ish).

A few weeks ago my roommate and I decided to tackle Blue Hill. I had no idea that there was a giant “hill,” really a mountain in my eyes since I grew up at sea level, only thirty minutes from my house. Jen and I tied up our sneakers, filled up our water bottles, made some last-minute trail mix (cheez-its, pretzels, and almonds) and we were off!

Of course within minutes of checking out the trail map at the reservation headquarters, a strapping, young park ranger hits on Jen. Blondes! Anyway, the ranger mapped out the trail we should try, the three-mile Skyline Loop. The ranger also convinced us that although it was dubbed “challenging” that we would have no problem. We must have looked like some fit ladies.

The trail was no joke; there were steep inclines and stone stairs throughout the entire route. However Jen and mine’s years of living in/near Ithaca, NY made all this a somewhat easy hike in the park. It was a good mix of exercise and leisure strolling…however we did get lost a few times because we were not paying attention to the colored signs. Oops!

At the top there was a great view of the Boston skyline, harbor and coastline off in the distance. Then it was more stone stairs and steep declines. The trail was challenging, and by the end of it Jen and I were starving! But it was a nice escape from the city and I want to try some of the other trails. If you live in the Boston area and enjoy nature, I would definitely recommend checking out one of Blue Hill Reservation’s 125 miles of trails.

Oh, and we finished off our Sunday Funday with cheesesteaks and french fries. Go ahead and scoff nature-health-nuts!


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