SoCal love

Once again, I went to California and I didn’t take actual photographs. Instead I took Instagram photos of random things. Oh well.

So, what were the results of the California test? Not sure what I’m talking about? Refer to this post first.

If I could marry a state I think it would be California (bad taxes, high unemployment rate and all).

When I lived out in the Los Angeles region in college I was in the North Hollywood/Burbank area which was ok, actually, ask any Angeleno and they will gasp at horror of living in that area. “You live in the VALLEY?!”  This time around I got to stay at my friend’s apartment in the Brentwood/Santa Monica neighborhood. Surprisingly that area of LA is walkable (although most people still drive everywhere), quiet and slightly more than what I can afford to pay right now, but not out of future reach!

The first full day in LA Brandi had to work in the morning so I was supposed to go out and explore on my own. However, after working all week and traveling the evening before I ended up sleeping in pretty late and didn’t get going until Brandi was back from her half day of work. We decided to take a lazy alfresco lunch at Coral Tree Café in Brentwood. They had cool outdoor decor and I snapped a photo of succulents hanging in pots on their patio.

Then Brandi and I grabbed some Bud Light Limes and chilled by her condo’s massive swimming pool. What a life she lives!

Later that evening we met up with some fellow IC alumni for giant margaritas and Mexicali food. YUM!

The next day Brandi, Andrea and I headed down to Laguna Beach for a day of sunbathing in Orange County. As much as I dislike Orange County for its gated communities, the landscape is gorgeous. The Pacific Ocean in that area of Cali is aqua-green and most of the coast is giant tan cliffs. Why do I suffer through harsh Northeast winters?

After getting sun-kissed, us girls headed over to a sushi place near Brandi’s apartment where we indulged in a bottle of red wine and a feast of delicious rolls.

Sadly Sunday was my last full day in LA. I had yet to get my In-and-Out fill so I made Brandi take me to the one in Westwood before we did a little sight-seeing around Santa Monica. Still as good as I remembered it.

Brandi and her friends have a great “family dinner” every Sunday. Usually a themed event,  I attended the random “bring whatever” night. Fortunately whatever everyone brought went together perfectly! Brandi and I made a giant salad with pear, onions, walnuts, and goat cheese. Other people brought roasted potatoes with carrots and onions, couscous, fruit tarts, wine, champagne, beer (Cali people love their booze), and the lovely host, Emily, made mouth-watering braised short ribs. Seriously, I did not want to leave after that dinner.

The next morning I left the west coast bright and early (and reluctantly). It was nice to get back to my home in Boston but I can’t wait to go back to California again. And, hopefully someday stay.


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