Going back to Cali

Almost four years ago I fell in love with a state. Good and golden California. The fall semester of my junior year of college I drove from the Atlantic Ocean to the Pacific Ocean with my cousin, Natalie, to hunker down in the beginnings of the Valley in Burbank, California for a few months. Only 19,  it was my first time living in a city, first time being not within a day’s drive from my parent’s house, first time living in an apartment (not a dorm), first time working in an office and lots of other firsts  (good and bad—like don’t ever try clamato beer).

There were rough days  (I could write a tell-all of working in the celebrity fashion industry) and home sickness (I didn’t go home or see my family the whole time I was there) but the desert air, canyons, long stretches of beaches and amazing sunsets got to me. Even though I left in a pouring rain on a gloomy early December day, I didn’t want to say goodbye to California. Unfortunately moving across the country without a job in 2010 was not within my budget so I settled for another city, Boston. Yeah sorry Boston, you weren’t my top choice but you do have your cute historical charm, great food, nifty public transportation and some of my best friends.

However, in a few days my love for California will be put to a test. I’m going to back, back, to Cali, Cali to visit my dear friend Brandi. Will California make me swoon all over again? Will I come back to Boston bitter and depressed at the miserable weather? Or will I decide that you must be lunatic to drive in a jam-packed five lane ‘freeway’ at the pace of a turtle, pay $10 to valet park at the doctor’s office and pretend the world revolves around Kim Kardashian? Time will tell…until then here are some nice photographic memories of my time spent in Cali.


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