How To Be A Boozy Artist

In high school I was quite the little artist. I took art every year and practically lived in the studio my senior year yet I went against my teacher’s suggestion to go to an art college. As much as I loved being visually creative, I wasn’t sure what to major in or what kind of art profession I wanted to pursue. Instead I ended up going into journalism and eventually marketing.

Over the years I figured out that art is a good hobby, even a stress reliever. Whenever I need to take my mind off something I dive into an art project—collage, painting, drawing or photography. As of late I haven’t had much time to delve into my creative side (part of the reason I started this blog) so when my friend Danielle told me about a new series of events called “Paint Nite” I was instantly interested.

Paint Nite seems to be a relatively new thing in Boston but it’s building in popularity. You pick from a few different paintings and locations—all conveniently situated in bars– and then show up to be instructed in how to create a painting. The idea of the class is to be able to walk away from the night with your own work of art, not to actually learn the techniques of painting. Plus, did I mention it’s in a bar.

Danielle and I decided on an impressionistic red flower and a bar that was easy to get to post-work.

Both Danielle and I had painted with acrylics before but you really need no talent to recreate the paintings. Our very cool twenty-something instructor blasted Bruce Springsteen while she walked us through the vibrant impressionistic painting. With our cold beers and a palette full of colors, Danielle and I were ready to paint away our day’s worries.

Things started off a little rocky. We both painted four petals instead of the suggested five and our background color was too dark. But luckily with art you really can’t mess up! So we grabbed another drink, and made our four-petals and bright red background paintings our own.

I have to say, I was pretty impressed with our talents despite that we each hadn’t painted in quite a while. Not to mention between the booze and the art therapy I felt like I had a massage or at least was a tiny bit less stressed. Danielle and I are already plotting our next night of being les artistes bohèmes and this time we want to be bring along some of our friends who have never lifted a paintbrush– they may need a few more drinks than us.

Mine’s the first one and Danielle’s is the second. I like how they both came out kind of different even though we were working off the same picture. If you want to look into attending your own Paint Nite check out their website: 


3 thoughts on “How To Be A Boozy Artist

  1. Hi Devon, Thank you for the publicity. Use coupon code FP20 to get $20 off your next Paint NIte event if you order your ticket prior to June 1st. Please feel free to bring friends along with the same code.

    Drink. Paint. Get-Together.
    Paint Nite
    Sean – Chief Bottle Popper

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