Beachy, Messy, Wavy Hair– Just like a mermaid

My hair is straight. So straight that for my senior prom my hair stylist took about 3 hours to curl my whole head and hair sprayed every piece of hair. The tedious process only made my curls last a few hours, and they were more like waves than actual cascading curls.  So straight that when I was in middle school I got a perm (yes, I know, we all make bad decisions in our lifetime). The perm lasted a day and after that day I just had frizzy straight hair. I’ve tried hot rollers, sponge rollers, curling irons, pin curls, and sleeping with my hair in buns. Hair spray just pulls the curls out and sleeping in rollers gives me curls for about an hour. Then they just become a poufy mess. So, I was skeptical when I saw this tutorial from Nasty Gal’s blog — Lesson From The Pros- Big, Messy Waves.

Yeah ok, like my hair will actually hold a ‘wave’. But, to my surprise….


IT WORKED! Pin-straight-haired gals, this is your foulproof trick to getting those “Oh, I just spent the whole day on the beach and my hair is naturally like this because I’m also a mermaid…” curls. Nasty Gal opts for classifying this hairstyle from the result of a different kind of situation, one that would probably involve a ‘walk of shame’, but I like to keep things classy over here on BeachyBrunette.

The multiple step process does seem time consuming but you don’t have to spend that much time with the curling iron just give your hair some waves, hairspray (must use the hairspray), twist your hair up into the buns and make yourself a cocktail.

Here is a not so great photo of my luscious locks from this tutorial.


If you try the tutorial, send me pics so I can post them here!


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